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So shiny awesome like that


2011-08-26 15:31:43 by hurricanefox

It's finally there. I started to write the script on January 27th 2010. I fixed the script 3 times, Just to write the whole script with all the fixes It took more than one and a half year. The first part of the movie I've done in January of this year, And I returned to develop the project in july. I'm really busy at my medicine studies, and the animation take some space of the medicine. When I'm studyng for exaple I free my mind and suddenly comes to it an idea of a video. Do you know how difficult is to study medicine with a new animation blooming from your head?

So I'll take a break with my projects, maybe for now I'll just do shorts, really shorts videos, or maybe I'll not do any more projects for a long time, but I hope you enjoyed Videogame battle to the top 2. I did my best and all the draws, voices and animations were done by me. It was difficult doing more than 5 different voices, and sometimes my mic disapointed me. But I could fix almost all the peak clipping problems.

Anyway it was kinda funny doing this videos, and I loved drawing the Two and a half game logo or the super smash consoles brawl. And the music of two and a half game I've recorded. I'd like to thank my friend LILO, he gave me some ideas to the Steve Jobs part. Another part It took me a little to do was the transformer PsP sceene. I think I did it for two weeks. first i drawed in a piece of paper how could a psp be a transformer and the transformation would come from what parts of the portable. one just to think and another to draw.

I wanna give a huge thank to my girlfriend Mayara, if she hadn't told me to rise my head and continue animating maybe this project would never came. She taught me how I could continue runnig my life in medicine and could be an animator, and I'm really thankfull to her. She taught me too how to exstract the inspiration from the the smallest things or actions. I've discovered that I just need one of her smiles to keep my pens and pencils sharp to draw, write, create, inovate and fill myself with inspiration. I love her a lot, I just always hold herself with me. Thankyou for everything my love! You don't how I love you! <3

Hello againg newgrounds, or maybe goodbye... Thank you for everything. Now I need to be more the Doc. Guto Vedana than the old Hurricanefox.

And Ng, sorry about all the mess I did in the past, I know I've Shaked some teams, but some teams were needing to be shaked, some old one's we're asking for a renew and another alternative way to do the things.

I want to thank Bonus Stage for sponsoring my video. I hope when I re-upload it, it help your store keep rising and thanks for the extras I've won.

Bye guys see you soon!


Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, They aren't alone!!

2010-09-30 01:27:21 by hurricanefox

It's almost there!! The VBTTT2 will have a lot of surprises with a good history, powerfull fights, new chalengers and a lot of humor!
Wait and you'll see it!

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, They aren't alone!!

I`m back

2010-01-26 18:55:03 by hurricanefox

Hi everybody,

first of I want explain why I didn`t finished my Mario Ninja Dattebayo Serie, and didn`t started the Videogame: battle to the top 2. Last year was hard to me, I haven`t had time to create movies, I was studing to enter in a college here in brazil, and now I did it.

So... I`m back n` ready to create, learn and do my best to my future projects that include:

-Mario Ninja Dattebayo EP1- not a remake but a new movie with more development in graphics n`in the story, there are great ideas in my mind with lots surprises. The ep1 that is already in newgrounds is awfull, It would be very different but I have too hurry up because I was studing, but now I`m developing a new storyboard that I`m loving to make. I hope you enjoy too :D

-Videogame: Battle to the top 2- I have great ideas to do it too, I`m not working on it yet but certainly in less than a month I will start the storyboard and make my best to be a success.


Mario Ninja Dattebayo!!!!

2008-03-18 14:03:43 by hurricanefox

Finally I finished my Mario Ninja Dattebayo openning!!!
I'll do a charpter every 3 months... if you have any suggestion or want to say something about the series contact me by newgrounds or by my e-mail

Mario Ninja Dattebayo!!!!

i need help!!! tell me what do you want to see

2007-08-18 13:04:08 by hurricanefox

please if you have any suggestions of animation contact me